The ezyrest experience

Your custom made chair journey starts with a visit to our showroom, with its wide range of models on show, we will guide you through the positive aspects of each model that we lovingly hand build here at our South Australian factory.

Once the model is chosen we will discuss with you any seating requirements and ongoing health issues that may relate to being supported and comfortable in your recliner. We will then take 6 key measures from your body, as well as your height & weight, to tailor a recliner individually to you. We then start building your chair, each chair will have its own unique frame and foam and materials selection, all being chosen to suit your bodies needs and requirements. Now your chair is almost completed we present your chair for you to try in our fitting room. At this point we thoroughly check seat height & length, seating support, backrest height including lumbar & thoracic areas as well as neck support. Once these final checks have been made we complete construction and have our installation crew deliver & set up your new custom made recliner, ready for many years of enjoyment. For your peace of mind we offer our 12 month comfort warranty. If you find your recliner is not meeting your comfort and support needs we will happily modify and adjust it for free.